Smoke Alarms and Fire Alarms for your safety at home, and how to connect them to the smart home system

Smoke and fire alarms are a must-have in your home for your safety. Everyone knows that. Here we will show how and why it is so important to get them online and part of a smarter home.

It is easy to become much more safe!

What a smoke and fire detector looks like!

They look great! We recommend the products from Cavius, a Danish product, available in many stores. 

They may be more expensive than most smoke alarms you see, but remember that you get what you pay for. It is ever so important to feel more secure with these alarms - rest assured. And looks really matters to keep your home nice. The total price is still next to nothing compared to all other things you buy, and this can actually save it all (from fire).

Our developers have picked this product for a reason! We have not developed these in Cosesy because you cannot get it better than this.

Why make them smart?

Smoke and fire alarms are a must-have in your home for your safety. Everyone knows that.

But everyone does not know why it is so important to keep an eye on these smoke and fire detectors. They can break or fail, have due-dates, require cleaning, testing, batteries etc. We all tend to forget that, as the detectors are "just sitting there". They are often quite cheap, and people have more focus on other expensive stuff forgetting the rest of the inventory. You may be faster at replacing the remote control for your TV than the smoke detector - but it is a dangerous spiral. 

And not to forget, in case of fire, then you will be alerted by your phone no matter where you are.

Get help from this automated system, enroll your smoke and fire detectors, and take the easy opportunity to increase the safety of your family - it is now easier than ever and everyone can do this.

Where do I put it?

Same places as other smoke detectors. And now it becomes easier than ever to keep an eye on them - place them everywhere - better safe than sorry. Our users have more than 5 in average.

Can I test it?

Yes. Once added to your smartphone app, then you can press the "test" button inside the app or push the button on one of the detectors. Then you know if the detectors are within each others range and you will get notified on your phone if there is a fire at home.

You do not have to do this. You will get notified when the system needs your attention. But to feel safe, then it is nice to have this option. 

If you press and hold the smoke-detector button for about 7 seconds, then it will beep and you will get a message on your phone, to make sure that your phone is also correctly functioning.

Elderly and helping them?

If you have elderly in your family, then you can install this system in their home. You shall use your own phone, and you will get notified for maintenance and replacements - not the elderly, which is a big help.  

False detections and typical problems?

Yes. If you put a smoke sensor in your kitchen instead of a heat sensor, then your toast may trigger some alarms. Hardware can break and now the system will nudge you to get it replaced - it will not go unnoticed anymore - for better and for worse. Look at the Cavius home pages to get current tips and tricks or ask us by email for our oppinions. 

Is the smoke-detector not paired with my Hub?

You must use the smartphone app to add each of your detectors, one by one. If you buy a new one, then add that too. This is how the system learns to identify each of them. Follow the instructions inside the app (called enroll). Once you have done the enroll using the app, then don't try to enroll them anywhere else as they will then become part of another system. Just follow the instructions and mount them once you are done in the smartphone app. 

How to add a new one?

Just open you smartphone app and press the button for adding a new one. You do not have to remove the old ones or add all again. Once you are done, you will be asked to test the system to make sure it works all over your home.